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Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring party tablescapes to inspire you

Spring is here and this time of the year there is much to celebrate, Easter, graduations, bridal showers and the list goes on. We are often busy attending and/or hosting these occasions. Personally, what I enjoy most about hosting parties is decorating the tables.  I am a firm believer that a beautiful table inspires conversation and brings even greater taste to our favorite dishes.

Last week, the Arlington Design Center, hosted a spring tablescape event.  There were many great ideas that I would like to share with you.  Hopefully, you will find an idea or two that inspires you.
A favorite table at the event was designed by my colleague, Tara Gruber, of TGI Interiors.  She juxtaposed the glitz of rhinestones and candles with driftwood, moss spheres and placemats, making this table my favorite at the event!
The driftwood centerpiece accented with rhinestone trim included roses, cala lillies and orchids mixed throughout.  The candles are wrapped in ribbons and rhinestones. . .so pretty.

Another favorite table from the event is featured above (by Linda Navara).  The use of the grasses and apple green color mixed with a little jungle surprise was very fresh and pleasing.  A touch of animal print works in our homes and it works in this tablescape too.

Candy chosen for its color palette fills jars embellished with ribbons and floral accents.  So easy and they become part of the decor. 

Whether you understand hockey or not, if you live in Chicago you simply must be a Blackhawks fan. The speaker for the spring event, Vanessa Nunley, showcased her favorite table ideas.  Anyone hosting a hockey party? Maybe you have a Blackhawk fan with a birthday coming up - this table is loaded with ideas that would be perfect for a birthday party.

In this presentation the flowers are showcased uniquely on the corners of the table. Often corners seem "unfinished" and this is a perfect solution, it also leaves more space on your table for your serving dishes.

Party favors. . . another favorite part of my planning when I am hosting.  I want my guests to know how much I appreciated their attending and it sends a remembrance of the party home with them. 

This table says "spring is here" and would be perfect for an Easter brunch.  The different textures are so appealing. The white ceramic artichokes, moss bunnies, white washed jackrabbit and crystal mixes beautifully.

There are a few key elements to keep in mind when decorating your tables.  First, elevate so that you have your decorative pieces displayed at different heights on your table.  Second, mixing textures will make your table more interesting. We say this all the time when we are planning fabrics and furnishings in your home, it holds true here as well. Third, themes provide inspiration and make the planning easier with the end result the most pleasing.

The tablescape showcase is just one example of the special events that are held at the Arlington Design Center (ADC) regularly.  Why don't you consider joining us next week, Wednesday, April 11th, for a Designer Panel Q & A. Over a year ago I began meeting with four other interior designers with established, growing businesses to develop best practices, share our expertises and encourage one another. Our group, 5forDesign, will be panelists and we will be sharing our answers to questions on the design process, what to expect when you hire a designer and other insights into successful design projects. To rsvp just click the link below and register  If you plan to attend just send us an email and we will make sure you have a front row seat!

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