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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Luxury Linens, Spring Time and Giving to Others

Springtime is here. . . the time of year when we are thinking about warmer temperatures and using our outdoor spaces again (more to come on that subject in our next blog)!  Spring also is a time when we are ready to change our bed linens from the warmer, heavier bedding that was so comforting in the winter to lighter, airy blankets and comforters that are suited for summer nights. 
Seven Layers of Bliss - a third of our life is spent in bed.  How you feel during the day depends, in a great part, on how you sleep at night.  The mattress covers, featherbeds, pillows, sheeting, blankets, comforters and duvet covers make a wonderful sleeping experience.  Let us help you improve the quality of your sleep.

Our luxury linen line partner, Private Quarters, is providing an opportunity for us to give back to others when we purchase our new linens in the month of April. There are great summer weight items within the line.  Below we have listed a few of our favorites, but first, read about the "give back",  you will want to be a part of this! 

"Share The Comfort"  is April's give back program that provides Private Quarter's high quality products  to battered women's shelters.  For every dollar of your purchases, up to 15%, an equal amount of merchandise will be provided to Wings and Shelter, Inc. in our local community.  Just imagine the women and children living in the shelters being given cozy robes, fluffy towels and their beds being made in high quality linens.

A few of our favorites for you:

Our favorite sheets are the 600 thread count egyptian cotton for all year long.  They are a luxurious, crisp sheeting that will fit your bed perfectly.  Another option in sheeting material is the bamboo sheets.  They are softer and more relaxed than the cotton sheet. Think of a combination of cotton and silk and that is the feel of bamboo sheeting.  A very durable, summer weight sheet!

The bamboo blanket is a key to a perfect summer nights sleep.  They are soft, breathe well and provide that "just right" amount of warmth for the upcoming months.  The colors are beautiful and make a great top treatment,  your comforter can be folded neatly at the foot of your bed. 

Speaking of comforters, there are two levels of warmth available,  many people like to use the lighter option in the summer.  Changing the comforters (duvet inserts) seasonally extends the life while keeping you sleeping most comfortably all year around.

Our pillows are a big contributor to how we sleep - they break down over time, carry allergens, etc.  In short they should be replaced more frequently than we do.  If your pillows have been on your bed longer than you to care to admit, this would be an excellent time to replace them. In doing so, you would be helping to replace pillows at a shelter as well as on your bed.  Also, a note about "dust mites and other allergens" - when replacing your pillows and mattresses think about investing just a few more dollars with allergen barrier covers.  This will extend the life of your new purchases.  Studies are showing that many people with sleep disorders are actually experiencing allergy issues caused by dust mites, the covers eliminate these nasty little pests.

There are extensive towel collections offering a selection for everyone at affordable price points!    They are generously sized, incredibly absorbent and just so soft.  Bamboo is resistent to bacteria and a green product.  Tip: don't wash your towels with fabric softner, this is true for bamboo or cotton towels.  The fabric softner reduces the towel absorbency. 

 As you browse through the online catalog you will notice there are a number of decorative bedding ensembles offered.  Maybe you have a lake house or cottage bedroom that you will be visiting more frequently now that summer is almost here.  The quality is excellent making these purchases a real value.

 What a great way to give back - improve your own sleep experience and help someone else at the same time.  Go to  then select "events and registries" this will take you to the online shopping link.  If you have any questions please let us know and we can assist you. 

Also, if you are thinking about updating your bedroom please contact us, 847.705.9569.  We would like the opportunity to work together to create a space that truly reflects you.  Visit our new website at

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 The link below is an informational video on the difference the merchandise that Private Quarters has given to the shelters has made in the lives of their guests -

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